i was born in hermosillo, sonora, mexico where i studied architecture at the itesm campus sonora norte from 

2002 to 2007, i have complementary studies abroad in the  pontificia universidade catolica de paranĂ¡ in the 

city of curitiba, brazil  in the year  2006 nowadays i  merge the young practice of architecture and design 

within photography, construction and art the body of my work spans the research of architectural strategies 

and design methodology for development in desert areas, cases in which i explore the potential of limits of 

designas  an  independent  freelance  architect  and  designer,  i am challenged and devoted to the work of 

architecture and  the  arts with the belief and faith based on intelligence, knowledge and creativity aaron 

gonzalez martinez, arglmt studio, hermosillo, mexico for commissions and collaborations get in touch via e-

mail, aaron.gonzalezm@gmail.com,  more  references  requires  the  proper  request of resume and samples of 

work,  this  site  is  continuously  under  construction,  so  stay  close.  all  the  content  here   have 

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